Farewell 5oz Candle Jar

This morning I was working on my supply orders and I found out the flare jars that I use for my 5oz candles are no longer manufactured.  The candle jars for Lightwell Candle Company will have a new look to it come this fall.

In the mean time, I will be selling what I have left in the 5oz and 12oz candle jars that I have and it will be very likely that I will be making the switch to a different candle jar.  I’m sorry to everyone who loved having the design of the candle jar in their house.  Don’t worry, the scent will not change.



Happy New Year

Last season was pretty hectic for me.  I had a different venue for 4 straight weeks and on top of doing personal orders.  The work that goes into setting up and bringing down a display can take a lot of time.  I applaud the vendors who have very complex displays and are able to set it up before the market starts.  I had

I am in the process of starting a website so that has been keeping me occupied.  This website will close when the new website is up and running.  I will let everyone know when that day comes.  Happy New Year and I hope that 2018 will be better than 2017.

New West Craft Fair

More than 25 vendors including myself set their products up for sale at River Market at the Westminster Quay this past Saturday.  Despite the dreary weather, many people came down and shopped or windowed shopped.  I got a chance share with customers the candles I made and talked about the product. I was thrilled to discuss my products to curious customers that wanted to know more.

I will be again at New West Craft Fair on November 4th and on November 18th.


Lessons I’ve learned

The year felt like it has flown by so quickly.  I’ve been away for some time thinking about branding my products.  It took me all the way to rural Alberta this summer to think of what to do for my next step.  I didn’t know that it takes so much planning and organizing to get things moving forward.  There were lessons that I have learned about staying consistent and up to date with my work.  It’s actually things I’ve used in my years university and I was surprised that I needed in my career.

Don’t Do Everything All At Once

I like to make handmade blankets for my friend’s newborns…and that can be time consuming.  Sometimes, it can take up to 2 months 3 hours each day to finish a project.  It really depends on how fine the yarn is.  I had to put the candle production on the back burner while I got these blankets completed.  If you add your regular house chores plus on top of that, it can quickly fill up your day.  So I’ve learned to do a little bit of everything everyday.  I kept up with every project I had on the go and my life did not feel like it was going to cave in every time I had a project.

Mom Calendar/Desk Pad Calendar

These calendars helped me immensely when it came to planning.  I could write in my upcoming craft fairs, the things I need to get done by the end of the day, week or month. I used the desk pad calendar to add my personal events as well. Everyone is different.  I need to have my to do list physically in front of me in order to get work done.  Some people use the calendar app on their digital devices and it also works for them as well.  To sum it up, use what works for you to keep yourself on track.

Plan, Plan, Plan.  Did I Mention to Plan?

I think the title explains it the best.  Supplies will take time to ship.  Products need time to set.   Making one bad batch can set you back.

So these are my tidbits.  I hope that it will help you out as much as it helped me.  Stayed tuned.  I’ve got a few craft fairs coming up.  Can’t wait to share with everyone where I will be.